Hello! My name is Mr. Greenslate. Please join me as I travel to Nova Scotia to study mammal populations!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Placing Traps

After learning some of the history about the area where the research site is located, Dr. Buesching taught us how to setup and place Longworth traps so that we can collect data about the mouse and vole populations here in Nova Scotia.

These traps are filled with warm bedding and enough food to last the mouse for far longer than the evening they could potentially stay locked inside. In the morning we will visit our traps to see if any small mammals have been caught and if so we'll learn how the animals are doing, and by continuous trapping and recording we'll start to see some evidence about the population density.

Tomorrow we'll learn from Dr. Chris Newman about how climate change is impacting these animals, and other small mammals in Nova Scotia.

My legs are sore and I'm pretty tired after an afternoon of trekking through unbridled forest area in order to set out our traps, but I'm excited to see what tomorrow will bring.

For today's question, I'm wondering what small mammal species reside around High Tech High North County? How do you know this?

Challenge question: What research has been done in our area about how human activity impacts these mammal populations?

Until tomorrow,
Mr. Greenslate


  1. Some small mammal species that I believe reside around the High Tech High area are bunnies. I constanly see bunny droppings and once saw a bunny leg on the grass ]:
    And when researching about human impact on mammal population in San Diego I came across San Diego Zoo website in which they have a global team that researchs this topic all around the globe.
    ~Janet A.

  2. Hello Mr. Greenslate! I've seen Mice around outside. I've also seen Black crows and Owls. I know that they have and currently are doing research about wether Barn Owls help or hurt the San Marcos area.

  3. one small mammal population that i know is thriving in the HTHNC area is rabbits. I know that they are living in the area because of personal sightings and found droppings.

  4. Small mammals around High Tech High North County include rabbits, mice, gophers and humans.

    A lot of research is going into the affects of pollution on animals as well as the encounter of animals on busy roads and destroying natural habitats with buildings (homes and businesses) and roads as well as water and noise pollution. I couldn't find a particular study for the San Marcos/San Diego area.


  5. As far as I know the only mammal that I'm completely sure that lives by High Tech High are rabbits. The reason I know this is because whenever I go out to the field I see rabbit poop.

    -Ben Abeyta

  6. Around our school I see many Cotton-tail rabbits. I also see some lizards and many types of birds. I know this because I have seen many of them throughout my time in HTH -Chase B.

  7. The only small mammal that i seen in high tech high are rabbits. Well i know this because i seen then running in front of the school also sometimes in the grass when am running.

  8. I have seen squirrels around the school and I can't be sure but there are probably gophers or mice or maybe even raccoons around from what I've seen in other areas of Southern California.

  9. The only animal that i seen around high tech high has been rabbits. I know this because i seen them running in front of our school and on the grass when am playing soccer.

    Joseph Perez

  10. Mice... they are invading my house... And Rabbits... their invading my backyard :/

  11. From what I have seen as I walk around campus are rabbit droppings. Therefore I know that there is a population of rabbits around HTH North County. There has been many researches been held on how pollution can affect the populations of small mammals but i could not find a particular study in the San Marcos area


  12. The animals I normally see around High Tech High North County is bunnies. I know they are there because when I practice for cross country there is bunny poop all over the field.

    - Alice Koski

  13. Small mammals around HTH are bunnies and birds. I know this because I have seen there droppings on the grass.


  14. I have seen alot of rabbits around the felid and arounf the school ive seen a couple foxes in the morning but other than that i havent seen much


  15. I know for a fact we have rats in San Marcos, because we've caught them with traps in my backyard all the time. (Everyone says they love peanut butter, but really they love dogfood.)

    We also have coyotes back behind the houses is my neighborhood and rabbits. But not many rabbits because I'm pretty sure the coyotes eat them.

    - Nicole

  16. I don't know much about small mammals in San Marcos, but I think I've seen squirrels before... but there are also rabbit droppings on the field sometimes (if that's what that is) so there are probably rabbits around here too!
    >> Heather O'Connell

  17. Howdy!
    i defiantly see tons of crow around, though no one wants to admit it i'm pretty sure there are some mice running around here. Im for sure there is lots of bunnies because our school is scattered with bunny droppings.


  18. There's a lot of bunnies around San Marcos. There's bunny droppings at school, and all over my back yard.

  19. There's a lot of bunnies in the San Marcos area. There are bunny droppings around HTH and in my backyard.


  20. Like everyone here, I would have to say bunnies! I live about ten minutes away from High Tech High, and at my house bunnies practically live in our lawn. I know this, because I see bunnies everywhere I go, and our field at our school is covered with bunny poop... which is kind of gross cause I have laid on our field before.

  21. There are rabbits and bunnies residing around High Tech High North County; I know because I've seen a couple as well as a lot of their poop.
    I think there are mice too; I haven't seen any running around but I've seen a few dead ones.

    -Alex Clay

  22. I've seen some crows and i've seen some seagull droppings and rabbit droppings which make me assume there are rabbits here.

  23. I have also seen a lot of bunny droppings around in the grass. I have also seen seagulls around on the light polls.

  24. I dont know what kind of animals are in san macros but i've heard about rabbits being around the area.
    -Arnold Flores

  25. I think it's crows because that's what I've seen around. And I think it's possible that there are some sort of snakes, because it seems like the kind of habitat a snake might be

  26. I've seen bunnies and crows a lot in our area and I know this because you can see the droppings of the bunnies on the grass and I've seen a couple especially when I run and the crows are always there.