Hello! My name is Mr. Greenslate. Please join me as I travel to Nova Scotia to study mammal populations!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Getting Ready for Research

As we wrap up the "Geography of We" and move into the "EarthSpeak" project, I will be heading to Nova Scotia to see how climate change is impacting mammal populations. While I'm gone I will be posting here daily so that you can see what I'm up to, as well as giving you questions to answer. Make sure you check each day and post your responses to the topics!

I will do my best to post video footage while I'm on the expedition, as I want to bring you as close to the action as possible.

The first assignment for while I'm gone is just to post a comment on this blog so that I can verify that you've checked in and that all is functioning correctly. So, the first question for this trial is:

What is one thing that is interesting about Nova Scotia?
(You must write something that hasn't already been posted by one of your peers!)

I look forward to your replies!

- Mr. Greenslate


  1. One thing that i find interesting about nova scotia, is that i went there for three weeks over the summer. I was at the VERY top of Cape Breton. We saw a lot of moose, seals, sea turtles, even some penguins. Ya my grandparents live there, so i went to see them... Flew into Halifax, then a 10 hour drive to their house. They are the most eastern house on the East Coast...fun little fact. I found the whole place to be interesting, from the landscape to the people to the lifestyle. -Elliott

  2. I find the Geography of Nova Scotia Interesting.

  3. One thing I find interesting about Nova Scotia is that I don't know a single thing about it and have never heard of it. All the unknown places have all the most interesting things, so I'm excited to learn more about what's going on there.
    ~Nicole Felix

  4. Bring me back a elk Mr.Greenslate
    Sincerely Zane

  5. Something i found interesting what that St. Paul island, off the beaches of Nova Scotia has had more shipwrecks then any other island on the East Coast.

  6. Well i will have to research what Nova Scotia means but if this is what we are going to learn it sounds interesting so i will be ready to learn.
    -- Joseph Perez---

  7. One thing I found interesting about Nova Scotia is that the license plate slogan is: Canada's Ocean Playground.
    I hope you have a good trip and get lots of stories to tell!

  8. What i find interesting about Nova Scotia is the way that is is shaped and that it looks like it is made up of different islands ad the terrain.
    ~ Arnold Flores

  9. i think the animals. I WANT A YAK!!!


  10. Something interesting about Nova Scotia is that it is one of the least populated regions in Canada, but it is the second most densely populated.
    -Jesse A.

  11. Something I found interesting about Nova Scotia is the scenery and that it is surrounded by three sides of water. Have a great trip!

  12. Everything about it sounds interesting.
    ~Janet A.

  13. I like the animals too I agree with Garek!
    -Charles Walker

  14. Something interesting that I found about Novia Scotia is their motto.
    motto : " One defends and the other conquers"

    -Ashh Reyes

  15. did you know there is 938,310 people living in Nova Scotia ...well including you so 938,311

  16. Mammal
    A warm blooded species

    An animal that has babies without any eggs

    A female mammal can produce milk

    Their hearts have four sections........

    Something That I found interesting about Nova Scotia is that it is the second smallest provence behind Prince Edward Island

  17. That it is surrounded by the atlantic ocean and many small islands.

    -Dorian Davis

  18. one thing i find interesting about nova scotia is the climate

    ~GREGORY Jordan

  19. Something I found interesting about Nova Scotia is the "Scotia". If I had never heard it pronounced aloud, I would have thought it would be said like "scott-ee-uh". I also thought that it was spelt a lot like "Scotland". I just thought that was interesting.
    >> Heather O'Connell

  20. One thing that I find interesting about Nova Scotia is that animals that live there. Connor Enciso

  21. Nova Scotia is home to the Tundra Swan
    -Tyler Alexander

  22. THere is a lake in Nova Scotia that is a nesting site for Bald Eagles. The forests there also produce Christmas trees.


  23. I think that the animals are most interesting. Many of the animals in the US are the ones that you see over there, but it seems that the environment is more beautiful in NS.

  24. Chase B. posted the one about the animals!!!! Sorry I didn't put my name the first time!!!

  25. Nova Scotia had the earliest recorded African American society recorded by man.. I found that to be interesting. Bring back some bacon for us!!
    -Connor- (L)

  26. i find it interesting that Nova Socotia has over 3800 coastal islands -avi

  27. why does everyone like the animals?
    didn't he say we can't repeat?
    aghh whatevs
    I found that on thursday,8:40AM, December 6th, in 1917, in Nova Scotia, the Halifax Explosion happened.The city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada was devastated by the huge detonation of the SS Mont-Blanc, a huge cargo ship loaded with wartime explosives, when it accidentally collided with the Norwegian SS Imo in the Halifax harbour. The explosion caused a tsunami and a pressure wave of air that snapped trees, bent iron rails, demolished buildings, grounded vessels, and carried fragments of the Mont-Blanc for kilometres. 2,000 people were killed by debri, fires, or collapses buildings, and roughly over 9,000 were injured.
    This is still the world's largest man-made accidental explosion.
    see people? its not that hard to find something thats not about animals :p

    ~ Kirstin A.

  28. What I found interesting about Nova Scotia the culture. When I first heard that you were going to Canada I though it was going to be really different then how it is described in the research. I only say this because I have family and have traveled to the west side of Canada and it seems very different from the east side.


    P.S. Sorry about this being turned in late Mr. Greenslate. I finally found the website!

  29. I also find the animals in Nova scotia interesting because they are animals I hear a lot about but I have never seen them in real life and don't know very much about them. So i am interested in finding out about the animals and all the research you have done on them.
    ~ Alyssa

  30. I think it's interesting that although Nova Scotia is almost completely surrounded by water, it still has a continental climate that has large variation of weather between seasons (like snow, extreme heat, etc.)

    -Alex Clay